Tolu Salami (entrepreneur)

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Tolu Salami is an entrepreneur. This Tolu Salami is a founder and innovator in the PropTech (property technology) space. Based in London, he is the mind behind LetPlant, a smart planter system that uses technology to simplify indoor gardening and improve air quality.

Tolu Salami is a young entrepreneur making waves in the PropTech (property technology) industry. Born on September 21, 1997, his passion for innovation led him to found LetPlant, a pioneering startup that utilizes artificial intelligence to revolutionize indoor farming.


Tolu Salami is more than just another entrepreneur; he's driven by a desire to tackle real-world challenges with cutting-edge technology. LetPlant, his brainchild, is a testament to this. The company has received pre-seed funding from Henley Business School in the UK, highlighting the potential of Salami's vision.


So, what exactly is LetPlant? It's a smart planting system that leverages AI to optimize indoor gardening. This not only benefits users by making plant care easier and more efficient, but it also promotes sustainable practices through features like:


* AI-powered planting recommendations: LetPlant suggests optimal planting strategies based on factors like soil conditions, weather patterns, and specific crop needs.

* Automated monitoring systems: The system keeps a watchful eye on plant health and growth in real-time, allowing farmers to make data-driven decisions.

* Resource management: LetPlant promotes sustainability by offering features that optimize water, nutrients, and other resources.


Tolu Salami's innovative work with LetPlant has garnered recognition from prominent publications like Entrepreneur, Techpoint, and Punch. He's not just a businessman; he's become a thought leader in both the technology and agriculture sectors, influencing the future of smart planting through his leadership and vision.